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This is not your grandmother's knitting and believe it or not, you can do it, too.  Knitting You is all about developing your confidence, creativity, expertise, and pleasure in this traditional craft that becoming anything you want it to be for you.  From beginners to those with life-long experience.  Kids, teens, men, hipsters, and yes, even grannys that never thought knitting was cool enough for them, Knitting You wants to be your knitting knowledge home.  Guarenteed. 


Steppng Out Socks

Learning to knit socks incorporating lace, cables, or colorwork allows

the knitter to express their personal style while building a varied wardrobe or 

individualized gifts for others.  Advancing sock knitting skill builds confidence and success 

for anyone who has mastered the fundamentals necessary to knit a pair of simple socks. 

          Principles taught include reading and understanding complex patterns, following charts, yarn selection and effects of different color patterning, reviewing modifications for fit. 

Skills taught include advanced cast on techniques, knitting with small sized needles, knitting in the round using alternative needle techniques, swatching for gauge, pattern-specific terms, abbreviations and techniques, and fitting modifications.

Project options chosen by student include socks incorporating lace, cable, or colorwork patterning using fingering weight yarn and appropriate sized needles. 

Supplies provided by student with assistance of instructor, if desired. 

Three sessions, two hours each scheduled 2 weeks apart. Practice time in class and homework between sessions. May be repeated. 

Cost $75. 


Whatever Socks You Can Imagine

Knitting lovely socks
Knitted socks with texture
Knitting socks with cables

Images by felt cafe, Knitty Turks, popsiedaisy, gigiformilo, mkellman, and AnnaKika.

Learning knitting colorwork socks

Can Be Yours

Knitting socks of different styles
Knitting cable socks is fun