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This is not your grandmother's knitting and believe it or not, you can do it, too.  Knitting You is all about developing your confidence, creativity, expertise, and pleasure in this traditional craft that becoming anything you want it to be for you.  From beginners to those with life-long experience.  Kids, teens, men, hipsters, and yes, even grannys that never thought knitting was cool enough for them, Knitting You wants to be your knitting knowledge home.  Guarenteed. 



 Skills taught include cast on options, tracking and maintaining your place in lace charts,

 avoiding errors, recognizing errors, correcting errors, using lifelines,  joining yarn, and 

blocking and caring for lace knitted items. 

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Delicate and Graceful

Lace knitting
Lace knitting chart

Reading and Following Charts

Knitted lace shawl

Images by Paulina B, Carla216, mararie, Nostalgia Rules, and harpazo_hope.


Items of delicacy and grace constructed using techniques of adding negative space to the knitted fabric.

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Lace knitting chart

History and Tradition

Knitted lace sweater

Feminine Luxury