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This is not your grandmother's knitting and believe it or not, you can do it, too.  Knitting You is all about developing your confidence, creativity, expertise, and pleasure in this traditional craft that becoming anything you want it to be for you.  From beginners to those with life-long experience.  Kids, teens, men, hipsters, and yes, even grannys that never thought knitting was cool enough for them, Knitting You wants to be your knitting knowledge home.  Guarenteed. 


Getting to Know How Ravelry Can Work for You

With over 5 million registered users worldwide the website,  offers an astounding resource for knitters and crocheters of all abilities.  From a place to organize your knitting projects, stash, resource library, needles 

and hooks, to easy access to tens of thousands of patterns available with almost a third of 

them being free.  A site that offers interaction with groups of every interest to connect 

about your craft and just about anything else that is on your mind.  A site for inspiration, 

learning, and staying current and simply having fun with fiber activities.  With so much 

available, it may seem somewhat overwhelming as you explore.  Let Knitting You help.

This class introduces the website and its many functions and helps you feel ready to turn it 

into the rich resource and support it can be for you.

One 2 hour session.  

Cost $40.  Maybe repeated. 

Student provided Wi-fi enabled laptop, tablet or mobile device. (Minimal 7” diagonal screen size recommended).


Ravelry Connects You with the Knitting Universe

Learn knitting with computers

Other Knitters and Their Projects

Knitting using the computer

Inspiration, Organization, Community, and Up-to-Date

Images by Grietje (Paulien Maria) & Barien, sebastianmary, vintage mode, and susan402.

Knitting tools 

And Becomes Another Tool in your Bag

Knitting tool bag
Getting to Know How Ravelry Can Work for You

Introduction to to use this multifunctional resource for your personal needs. Visit the website and sign up for an account before attending class.  If you already have an account be sure you know your username and password.  

Must bring a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, tablet, or mobile device (minimal 7" diagonal screen size recommended)

Use Contact Us link below to indicate interest.  

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