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This is not your grandmother's knitting and believe it or not, you can do it, too.  Knitting You is all about developing your confidence, creativity, expertise, and pleasure in this traditional craft that becoming anything you want it to be for you.  From beginners to those with life-long experience.  Kids, teens, men, hipsters, and yes, even grannys that never thought knitting was cool enough for them, Knitting You wants to be your knitting knowledge home.  Guarenteed. 


Stranded Colorwork

Learning to use color patterns in knitting projects allows a knitter to express 

individuality and experimentation in their knitting project.  It also provides an 

opportunity to use smaller quantities of a variety of different yarns while using up 

leftovers or combining different single skeins to result in larger projects. From stripes, to 

traditional colorwork stranded patterns such as Fair Isle or those of Scandinavian 

heritage, this technique can be applied to a universally wide array of projects and is 

recognized as quintessential knitting by many cultures around the world. Having this 

technique in a knitter’s repertoire connects one with a long established history 

of the craft and provides a competency milestone for anyone who has mastered casting 

on, the knit and purl stitch, pattern reading, knitting in the round,  simple pattern 

reading, and finishing. 

    Principles taught include color selection, yarn dominance, and the importance of consistent stranding and weaving, dealing with yarn ends and joining a new yarn. This technique should be undertaken by the knitter who is confident with the skills of cast on, knit and purl stitch, pattern reading and following, and recognizing mistakes.

Skills taught include review of working in the round with circular or double-pointed needles, using the color wheel for determining a color palate, holding yarn and needles for stranded knitting, and correcting mistakes. 

Project is a cowl, scarf, socks (if experienced sock knitter), hat, wristlets, fingerless mitts, mittens, or options as approved by instructor. 

Project supplies provided by student with assistance of instructor as desired. 

Three sessions, two hours each scheduled 2 weeks apart. Practice time in class and homework between sessions. May be repeated. 

Cost $75.  


Color Exploration without Limits

Colorful knitting
Knitting colorful sweaters
Knitting color from a chart 
Knitting tradition using color
Knitting with colorful yarn

Images by Ryan Tansey, osioann, ~Sandy~, Rosa Pomar, and Musings of a Flower Child.

Standed Colorwork

Knitting with color using stranded techniques such as Fair Isle, or from traditional Scandinavian heritage.

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